A program for annual inspection, in addition to those conducted by authorized agencies, of the equipment, facilities, and grounds will be conducted as part of the maintenance schedule for school district buildings and sites.  The results of this inspection will be reported to the board at its annual meeting.  Further, the board may conduct its own inspection of the school district buildings and sites annually.




Legal Reference:          Iowa Code § 279.8 

Cross Reference:         802      Maintenance, Operation and Management

Approved:                   2-9-98

Reviewed:                   10-13-03, 10-8-07, 2-24-14, 8-26-19



The safety and security of the school community is paramount to Mid-Prairie.  While there is no absolute guarantee of safety, it is the goal of the district to encourage and support physically secure learning and working environment within its buildings.  The district shall work in conjunction with community stakeholders including local emergency management coordinators and local law enforcement agencies to create emergency operations plans for all district buildings and school buildings where students are educated.

The superintendent shall be responsible for the development, review and implementation of the district emergency operations plan.  The plan shall include procedures for transmitting alerts regarding emergency situations to school personnel, students, and employers for non-school employees whose presence is regularly required in the school building.  The emergency operations plan shall be updated and reviewed annually by the Board and shall address responses to natural disasters, active shooter scenarios and other emergencies as determined by the district.  The emergency operations plans are confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure under Iowa Code Chapter 22.  However, the district shall publish procedures for students, school personnel, parents, and family members to report possible safety threats on school grounds and at school activities.

The administration shall hold annual emergency operations drills at each district building covered by an emergency operation plan in accordance with law.  The district shall determine which school personnel shall participate and whether local law enforcement and students participate in annual drills.






Legal Reference:         Iowa Code § 100.31

Cross Reference:        507       Student Health and Well-Being

                                    711.7    School Bus Safety Instruction

                                    804       Safety Program

Approved:                   2-9-98

Reviewed:                  10-13-03. 10-8-07, 2-24-14

Revised:                      8-26-19


Asbestos containing materials will be maintained in good condition and appropriate precautions will be followed when the material is disturbed.  If there is a need to eliminate asbestos it will be replaced with nonasbestos containing materials.  Each school building will maintain a copy of the asbestos management plan.

The school district will annually notify, appoint and train appropriate employees as necessary.



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                                    802      Maintenance, Operation and Management

Approved:                   2-9-98

Reviewed:                   10-8-07, 2-24-14, 8-26-19

Revised:                      10-13-03