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The board recognizes the valuable resource it has in the members of the school district community. When possible and in concert with the education program, members of the school district community may be asked to volunteer or to assist employees in duties other than teaching. The school district may officially recognize the contributions made by volunteers.

An adult volunteer is defined as any adult that is not a school employee or a currently attending district student, who may work during the school day or during a school sponsored activity that could include individual, small or large group student activities. Individuals not directly working with students may still be defined as adult volunteers if the work is performed repeatedly over a significant period of time.

Persons wishing to volunteer for school-sponsored activities must submit an application form to the district Human Resource Coordinator and undergo a background check. The background check will include: Social Security Number Verification & Address History, County Criminal Records Search, Federal Criminal Records Search, National Criminal Database Alias Search & Government Watch List, Sex Offender Records Search, and Iowa Child & Dependent Adult Abuse Registry Information Search.

The district Human Resources Coordinator will review any criminal convictions contained on the background check report and compare them to the Iowa Board of Education Examiners criminal conviction disqualification list for teacher licensure. If a volunteer applicant has a criminal conviction on his/her background check report that is contained within the Iowa Board of Education Examiners criminal convictions disqualification list, the volunteer applicant will be disqualified from volunteering for school-sponsored activities in the district.

Any convictions not on the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners criminal convictions disqualification list will be reviewed by the administration for a decision about whether or not the applicant can volunteer.

An individual who is disqualified from volunteering for school-sponsored activities in the district may appeal his/her disqualification to the school board in an open session of a school board meeting by completing the appropriate appeal form.

The district will cover the complete cost of the background check. The district will accept donations for the cost of background checks.

Prior to being allowed to volunteer for school-sponsored activities, all approved volunteers must sign and return to the district Human Resource Coordinator a copy of the Volunteer Code of Conduct signifying knowledge and acceptance of district expectations for volunteers.

The approval to volunteer for-school sponsored activities will be effective for two years from the date of approval. Individuals wishing to continue to volunteer after the two-year period must resubmit a volunteer application and the necessary information in order to conduct another background check.

In order to meet the needs of students or the district in an emergency situation, the superintendent may temporarily waive requirements for the volunteer application and background check process until the emergency is over.

Recruitment, training, utilization, and the maintenance of records for the purposes of insurance coverage and/or recognition of school district volunteers are the responsibility of the superintendent.


Legal Reference:             Iowa Code §§  279.80; 670 

Cross Reference:           603.1 Basic Instruction Program

                                       903.1 Non-School Sponsored Community Groups

                                       903.3 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites

Approved:                        5-9-83

Reviewed:                       6-11-01, 2-9-04, 12-8-08, 2-24-14, 8-26-19

Revised:                          4-10-95, 08-27-18