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June 25, 2018

            Mid-Prairie Community School District                  

Kalona, Wellman, West Chester

Mid-Prairie Central Office Community Room, Wellman, IA  52356

June 25, 2018 – 7:02 p.m.


President Jeremy Pickard called the meeting to order.

Board members present:   Denise Chittick, Gabrielle Frederick, Jim Hussey, Jodi Meader, Jeremy Pickard, and Marianne Schlabach.

Board members absent:  George Schaefer.

Also Present:  Mark Schneider, Jeff Swartzentruber, Marc Pennington, and Robin Foster.

Marianne Schlabach moved to adopt the agenda as amended to Item E. on a Board Vacancy.  Seconded by Jodi Meader.  Motion carried 6-0.

Public Forum

No One Spoke.

Consent Items

Jim Hussey moved to approve the following consent items.

Payment of Bills

The bills as listed for June 25, 2018 and prepaid bills;

Open Enrollment Requests

Josephine Neglia requests Jean Christian (Grade 9), attend Mid-Prairie from Iowa City Community School District for the 2018-19 School Year;

Jody Gossen requests Nala Gossen (Kindergarten) and Sophia Gossen (Kindergarten), attend Mid-Prairie from English Valleys Community School District for the 2018-19 School Year;

Scott and Carla Seele request William Seele (Grade 5) attend Mid-Prairie’s Home School Assistance Program from West Liberty Community School District for the 2018-19 School Year;

Caleb and Amanda Stamp request Joshua Stamp (Kindergarten) attend Mid-Prairie’s Home School Assistance Program from XX Community School District for the 2018-19 School Year;

Personnel Items -- None

Fundraising Requests -- None

NIACC Contract for Educational Services

A contract for Concurrent Enrollment Career Link Programs and Courses for the 2018-2019 School Year is presented for signature and approval. 

Marianne Schlabach seconded the consent items.  Motion carried 6-0.

Student Learning

District Annual Report

Superintendent Schneider introduced Kristan Hunter, Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator, to present the 2017-2018 District Annual Report. The first section of the report reviewed the Student Growth Data Report/Student Achievement.  The second section is focused on continuing to tell the District stakeholders’ Mid-Prairie’s story in a refreshed way that showcases our successes.  The Board expressed appreciation for the Annual Report.  It will printed and released in the Fall of 2018.

MS Handbook Changes

Marc Pennington, Principal for Mid-Prairie Middle School reported on the changes to the handbook for 2018-2019 School Year. 

Jim Hussey moved to accept the Middle School Handbook Changes for the 2018-2019 School Year as presented.  Marianne Schlabach seconded the motion.    Motion carried 6-0.

Mid-Prairie East Elementary Space Needs

Superintendent Schneider and Robin Foster, Principal for Mid-Prairie East discussed the need for additional space at East Elementary with the increased need as we move to 6 sections of Kindergarten and First Grade for 2018-2019 School Year.  Music Education will be most affected.  Four options were discussed at some length.  Heather Hershberger, East Elementary Music Teacher, discussed the approach to teaching music and the sense of community that music brings to the students and their families.  Foster and Schneider asked the Board which alternatives/options might be places to focus research efforts.  Three options and steps to review those options were discussed by the Board with Administrators. Direction was given to return with a report and recommendation.

Volunteer Policy Update

Jeremy Pickard asked the Board members who are on the committee to share their impressions of the work of the committee and progress.  The reports were positive.  The goal is by the next meeting is to begin honing in on the issues that are the highest priorities of the committee.  The plan is still to bring a recommendation by the August 13, 2018 meeting.


Dairy Bids

Business Manager, Jeff Swartzentruber, presented the Dairy Bids for the 2018-2019 School Year.  This year we also elected to insert 4 one-year extensions to the contract.  The two bidders came in very close in price with analysis completed to see the exact dollar difference.  The dollar difference between the two bidders would be less than $530.  The second lowest bidder, Prairie Farms, Inc. is the current vendor.  Since the bids are so close, consideration must be given to the implementation of the change of the replacement of supplied coolers and custodial costs.  Swartzentruber recommends that we stay with Prairie Farms, Inc. for the 2018-2019 School Year.  The Board discussed the ramifications of a functional tie and the Board Policy on bids and consideration of received bids.

Jim Hussey moved to approve Prairie Farms, Inc. as the provider of Dairy to the District for the 2018-2019 School Year as recommended by Administration.  Gabrielle Frederick seconded the motion.    Motion carried 6-0.

Student Activity Fund Transfer Resolution

Swartzentruber presented this resolution.  Protective Equipment purchases for athletes are intended to come from the Activity Fund.  This resolution allows for a transfer of funds from the Operating Fund to the Activity Fund to cover this cost.  The liability to the District if the equipment is not purchased is a consideration.  This transfer does reduce District Spending Authority.  Spending so far in the current year totals $8,237.56.

Gabrielle Frederick moved to approve the Resolution number 020180625 of the Board of Directors of Mid-Prairie Community School District to approve the transfer of up to $10,500 from general fund to the student activity fund for expenditures that occur between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 for protective and safety gear required for athletic completion.  Jodi Meader seconded the motion.

Roll Call Vote:    Gabrielle Frederick          - yes

                           Jim Hussey                     - yes

                           Jodi Meader                    - yes

                          Jeremy Pickard                - yes

                          Marianne Schlabach        - yes

                         George Schaefer              - absent

                         Denise Chittick                  - yes

Motion carried 6-0.


Board Development and Inservice Activities

School Board Retreat is Monday, August 6th from 5:30pm to 8pm.  Pickard offered to host at the Muscatine Community College at 152 Colorado Street, Muscatine, Iowa.  Agenda items should be emailed to Pickard and/or Schneider.

IASB Legislative Priorities are forthcoming.  While these have not been posted to the IASB website, a goal to address these at the July meeting was discussed.  Superintendent Schneider will put the Legislative Priorities on the Board website as they become available.

Announcements and Suggestions for Next Agenda

Board Vacancy

George Schaefer announced his resignation from the Board this morning, June 25, 2019.  Pickard discussed the process of naming a replacement.  Discussion of Notice to the Public took place and will be placed for 2 weeks in the News.  Names will be considered at the July 9, 2018 meeting.  Also discussed the need to have an election for a Vice President to replace Schaefer until the new year for the Board begins in the second meeting in September.

The next regular Board meeting will be on Monday, July 9, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Office Community Room.  Agenda items for consideration include:  Name a new Board Member to replace George Schaefer’s resignation; Short-term election of a Board Vice President; ISL Levy Action; Second Reading of Policies 505.5 and 604.6; Update from Volunteer Policy Committee on Policy 903.2; IASB Legislative Priorities, Facilities Report; East Elementary space needs.


The meeting adjourned at 9:23 p.m.