The annual school election takes place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd-numbered years.  Each school election is used to elect citizens to the board to maintain a 7 member board and to address questions that are submitted to the voters.

Citizens of the school district community seeking a seat on the board must file their nomination papers with the board secretary, or the board secretary's designee in accordance with the timelines established by law.   

If a vacancy occurs on the board it shall be filled in accordance with law and board policy.

It is the responsibility of the county commissioner of elections to conduct school elections.







Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 39; 45, 63, 69; 274.7; 277; 278.1, 279.7

Cross Reference:         202      Board of Directors Members

                                    203      Board of Directors' Conflict of Interest

Approved:  1-10-83

Reviewed:  9-14-87, 11-25-91. 4-12-93, 5-22-00, 8-9-04, 1-10-11, 1-11-16, 8-23-2021

Revised:     5-8-95, 1-14-19