Original Adopted Date: 6-30-97                                          Last Revised Date: 8-22-22                                        Last Reviewed Date: 11-28-16


Unpaid leave may be used to excuse an involuntary absence not provided for in this or other leave policies of the board. Unpaid leave for licensed employees must be authorized by the superintendent.

The superintendent shall have complete discretion to grant or deny the requested unpaid leave. In making this determination, the superintendent shall consider the effect of the employee's absence on the education program and school district operations, length of service, previous record of absence, the financial condition of the school district, the reason for the requested absence and other factors the superintendent believes are relevant to making this determination.

If unpaid leave is granted, the duration of the leave period shall be coordinated with the scheduling of the education program whenever possible to minimize the disruption of the education program and school district operations.

Whenever possible, licensed employees shall make a written request for unpaid leave 10 days prior to the beginning date of the requested leave. If the leave is granted, the deductions in salary are made unless they are waived specifically by the superintendent.

The requirements stated in the Master Agreement/Staff Handbook between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding the unpaid leave of such employees shall be followed.


Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 20; 85; 85A; 85B; 279.12; 509; 509A; 509B (2013).

Cross Reference:         409      Licensed Employee Vacations and Leaves of Absence