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Original Adopted Date: 4-13-03                                          Last Revised Date: 1-9-23                                        Last Reviewed Date: 1-9-23

The Mid-Prairie Community School District has made a commitment to being a viable link in this community’s chain of survival.  In response to this commitment, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) unit(s) will be located in our buildings, subject to funding and/or availability, for use by trained lay responders.

The purpose of this policy is to allow district AED units to be used by trained and certified personnel and to provide AED coverage when appropriately trained personnel are available. 


1.   “AED” means automatic external defibrillator

AED Location:  The building location of the AED will be determined in consultation with the School Nurse, Superintendent, Building Principal, and the Building Lead Custodian.  Factors to be considered include visibility, security and proximity to activities.  The AED will be placed in a suitable cabinet.  The Activities Director shall have the authority to determine if it is appropriate for the AED to be relocated during outside activities.  If the AED is moved from its cabinet, a visible sign will be left on the cabinet indicating the AED’s alternative location.

Cardiac Emergency Response Team:  An identified group of individuals shall be trained to respond to emergency situations requiring AED use.  These individuals shall also be trained in universal precautions against blood borne pathogens and shall be offered the hepatitis B vaccination.                                                                                             

Cardiac Emergency Response Team Training:  The Cardiac Emergency Response Team will be CPR-AED certified (updated every 2 years) OR receive hands-on CPR-AED training annually.  Training for universal precautions against blood borne pathogens will be required annually.

Additional AED in-services and mock emergency drills may be conducted at any time by the School Nurse liaison.  Training records will be maintained in the nurse’s office at the appropriate school.

AED Use:  The AED shall be used in emergency situations warranting its use by individuals specifically trained in the use of the device by following Iowa Statewide AED protocols.  In the event of AED use, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be immediately activated by calling 911.

AED usage Documentation:  The AED Team Responder shall document an emergency situation using the school district accident form.  These forms will be completed and presented to the School Nurse within 24 hours of the emergency.

Post-Event Review:  Following each use of the AED, a review will be conducted.  The School Nurse or designee shall conduct and document the post-event review.  All key participants in the event shall participate in the review.   A copy of the review will be kept on file in the nurse’s office at the appropriate school.

AED Maintenance:  Nurses will manage AEDS and make sure they are in proper working order to the best of their knowledge with frequent checks and inspections according to the manufacturers’ recommendation.

AED Coordination with Local 911 Emergency Response Team:  The School Nurse liaison shall contact the Area Ambulance Service when the AED is installed and training is completed.   The School Nurse liaison shall be responsible for contacting the Area Ambulance Service if there are any changes in the AED program.


Legal Reference:        Iowa Code § 132

                                   42 U.S.C.§ 238Q