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Summer school shall be conducted in such buildings, on such grade levels, for such length of time, as the Board, upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, may determine.

The program offered during the summer school shall be designed so that the following purposes or objectives may be met:

            1.         Enrichment and extension of the program provided during

                        the regular academic year;

            2.         Remedial for those pupils who need and can profit from further

                        work in the basic subject matter areas;

            3.         Basic courses not offered during the regular academic year.





Legal Reference:         Iowa Code §§ 279.8, .11; 280.3, .14; 282.6

                                    Iowa Admin. Code. 41.106.


Cross Reference:        410.2  Summer School Licensed Employees

                                    505.2   Student Promotion-Retention-Acceleration

                                    603      Instructional Curriculum

                                    711.4  Summer School Program Transportation Service



Approved:                   3-14-83

Reviewed:                   11-16-98, 7-21-03, 10-8-07, 1-14-13, 4-9-18