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The principal may authorize field trips and excursions when such events contribute to the achievement of education goals of the school district.  The school district will provide transportation for field trips and excursions. 

In authorizing field trips and excursions, the principal will consider the financial condition of the school district, the educational benefit of the activity, the inherent risks or dangers of the activity, and other factors deemed relevant by the superintendent.  Written parental permission will be required prior to the student's participation in field trips and excursions.  The superintendent will be notified for field trips and excursions outside the state.  Superintendent approval will be required for field trips and excursions which involve unusual length or expense.

Field trips and excursions are to be arranged with the principal well in advance.  A detailed schedule and budget must be submitted by the employee.  The school district will be responsible for obtaining a substitute teacher if one is needed.  Following field trips and excursions, the teacher may be required to submit a written summary of the event. 









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Cross Reference:        503.1   Student Conduct

                                    503.4   Good Conduct Rule

                                    603      Instructional Curriculum

                                    711      Transportation


Approved:                   3-13-83

Reviewed:                   4-10-89, 3-23-92, 10-11-93, 10-8-07 1-14-13, 4-9-18

Revised:                      4-24-89, 4-13-92, 2-8-99, 7-21-03