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The use of students, the school district name, or its buildings and sites for advertising and promoting products and/or services of entities and organizations operating for a profit is allowed with permission of the superintendent or his/her designee, if the purpose is educationally related and prior approval has been obtained from the superintendent. 

Nothing in this policy shall be construed as disallowing all items of a promotional nature being displayed in the buildings and sites.  The use of promotional items shall be at the discretion of the superintendent and his/her designee.



Legal Reference:          Iowa Code § 279.8 

Cross Reference:         504.5   Student Fund Raising

                                    904      Community Activities Involving Students


Approved:    5-9-83

Reviewed:    10-26-87, 2-9-04, 8-26-19

Revised:       5-8-95,  6-11-01,  6-10-02, 11-10-08