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In the absence of the superintendent, it is the responsibility of the other administrators to assume the superintendent's duties.  The succession of authority to the superintendent shall be in the order of most senior principal to least senior principal, with seniority based on the number of years spent as principal for the Mid-Prairie Community School District. 

If the absence of the superintendent is temporary, the successor shall assume only those duties and responsibilities of the superintendent that require immediate action.  If the board determines the absence of the superintendent shall be a lengthy one, the board shall appoint an acting superintendent to assume the responsibilities of the superintendent.  The successor shall assume the duties when the successor learns of the superintendent's absence or when assigned by the superintendent or the board.

References to "superintendent" in this policy manual shall mean the "superintendent or the superintendent's designee" unless otherwise stated in the board policy.






Legal Reference:          Iowa Code § 279.8 

                                   281 I.A.C. 12.4(4).

Cross Reference:         302      Superintendent

Approved:       2-10-97

Reviewed:        2-28-11, 1-11-16, 3-28-2022

Revised:           6-10-02, 8-9-04