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Original Adopted Date: 8-11-97                                          Last Revised Date: 8-22-22                                        Last Reviewed Date: 11-258-16

Classified employees who require a special license or other certification will keep them current at their own expense.  Licensing requirements needed for a position will be considered met if the employee meets the requirements established by law and by the Iowa Department of Education for the position.

The requirements stated in the Master Agreement/Staff Handbook between employees in that classified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding licensing/certification shall be followed.

The superintendent shall be responsible for administrative regulations regarding this policy.


Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 272.6; 285.5(9) (2013).

                                     281 I.A.C. 12.4(10); 36; 43.12-.24.

Cross Reference:         411.2   Classified Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection