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Original Adopted Date: 8-11-97                                          Last Revised Date: 8-22-22                                        Last Reviewed Date: 11-28-16

It is the exclusive power of the board to determine when a reduction in classified employees is necessary.  Employees who are terminated due to a reduction in force will be given thirty days notice.  Due process will be followed for terminations due to a reduction in force.

The requirement stated in the Master Agreement/Staff Handbook between employees in that classified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding employee reduction in force shall be followed.

The superintendent will consider the relative qualifications, skills, ability and demonstrated performance through evaluation procedures in making the recommendations.

Legal Reference:        Iowa Code §§ 20.7, .24 (2013).

Cross Reference:        407.5   Licensed Employee Reduction in Force

                                    413.3   Classified Employee Suspension

                                    413.4   Classified Employee Dismissal

                                    703      Budget