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Participation in school activities is a privilege.  School activities provide the benefits of promoting additional interests and ability in the students during their school years and for their lifetime.

Students will have an opportunity to participate in a school activity unless the activity is not offered, the activity is an intramural or interscholastic athletic activity or the student cannot participate for disciplinary reasons.  If the activity is an intramural or interscholastic athletic activity, students of the opposite sex will have a comparable opportunity for participation.  Comparable opportunity does not guarantee boys and girls will be allowed to play on each other’s teams when there are athletic activities available that will allow both boys and girls to reap the benefits of school activities, which are the promotion of additional interests and abilities in the students.

Student activity events must be approved by the Activities Director unless it involves unusual travel expense, in which case the board will take action.  The events must not disrupt the education program or other school district operations.

A high school student who participates in school sponsored athletics may participate in a non-school sponsored sport during the same season.  Such outside participation shall not conflict with the school sponsored athletic activity.

It shall be the responsibility of the Activities Director to develop administrative regulations for each school activity.  These regulations shall include, but not be limited to, when physical examinations will be required, how and when parents will be informed about the risk of the activity, academic requirements, and proof of insurance on the student participating in certain activities.  Students wanting to participate in school activities must meet the requirements set out by the school district for participation in the activity.


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Cross Reference:         501      Student Attendance

                                    502      Students Rights and Responsibilities

                                    503      Student Discipline

                                    504      Student Activities

                                    507      Student Health and Well-Being

Approved:                   11-10-86

Reviewed:                   4-13-98, 9-9-02. 11-9-09, 1-26-15, 2-22-2021

Revised:                      10-19-98, 10-10-05