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School district may operate buses in times of reduced visibility when caused by fog, snow or other weather conditions.  School shall not be canceled solely due to temperature and wind chill.  Because weather conditions may vary around the school district and may change quickly, the best judgment possible shall be used with the information available.

The decision to postpone or cancel school shall be made as early as possible prior to the school day.  Information gathered from weather reports, road reports, transportation director, assistant transportation director and bus driver and any other information may be used to make a final decision.  If school is canceled or delayed, a notice will be given to appropriate media stations and notice will also be given using the School Messenger System.

When the weather deteriorates during the day after school has begun, information shall be gathered from various points in the district.  Should it be determined that students need to be sent home early, cancellation notices will be given to appropriate media stations and the School Messenger System.  Students will be returned to their regular drop-off sites unless weather conditions prevent it.  In that case, students shall be kept at or returned to school until they are picked up by the parents or conditions improve sufficient enough that buses can operate.

In the event that roads other than hard surfaced roads become impassable, emergency bus routes may be used.  In this case, parents shall be required to bring students to a designated pick-up point on a hard surfaced road.  When emergency routes will be used it will be announced by commercial radio and television and posted on the School Messenger System.  When emergency routes are used, they shall be used on both AM and PM routes for that day.

The final judgment as to when conditions are unsafe to operate buses or use emergency routes shall be made by the superintendent.  The superintendent shall be assisted by the transportation director.

In the event that buses cannot operate, school may be closed in all attendance centers.





Legal Reference:           Iowa Code § 279.8

Cross Reference:           601.2    School Day

Approved:                     11-24-97

Reviewed:                     11-10-08

Revised:                       2-9-04, 2-24-14, 8-12-19