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Generally, transporting students for school purposes is done in a vehicle owned by the school district and driven by a school employee.  Students may be transported in private vehicles for school purposes.  It is within the discretion of the superintendent or his/her designee to determine when this is appropriate.

School Employees transporting students for school purposes in private vehicles must have the permission of the superintendent.  Students securing rides with other student or other individuals to off-site schools or school activities do so at their own risk.

This policy statement applies to transportation of students for school purposes in addition to transporting students to and from their designated attendance center.  It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.



Legal Reference:         Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 285; 321 

                                    281 I.A.C. 43.


Cross Reference:         401.6   Transporting of Students by Employees

                                    401.7   Employee Travel Compensation

                                    711      Transportation

Approved:                   4-13-98

Reviewed:                    11-10-08, 2-24-14, 8-26-19

Revised:                       2-9-04