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Mission Statement

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world in a caring learning environment

Belief Statements

We believe . . .

1.         The district exists not to serve itself, but its students and their futures.

2.         Every student can learn, and needs access to outstanding learning resources, and a diversity of ideas, people and experiences.

3.         Every student is worthy of respect, ethical leadership, and a safe learning environment. 

4.         Student potential is maximized through a relevant and ambitious curriculum, effective instruction, rigorous thinking, and student effort.

5.         Involvement by families and community members is facilitated by frequent and open communication.

6.         Celebrating success creates a sense of community.



Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 256.11 (2013).

Cross Reference:         102      Equal Educational Opportunity

                                  103      Long-Range Needs Assessment

                                  209      Board of Directors' Management Procedures

                                  600      Goals and Objectives of the Education Program

                                  602      Curriculum Development

Approved:       4-8-02

Reviewed:        11-13-06, 1-23-12, 11-28-16

Revised:           4-14-03