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Original Adopted Date: 10-8-07

Last Revised Date: 

Last Reviewed Date: 7-10-23

The board recognizes that on-line coursework may be a good alternative for students to not only meet graduation requirements but, also have the opportunity to take advanced or other courses not offered by the school district.

High school students may earn a maximum of 10 credits to be applied toward graduation requirements by completing on-line courses offered through agencies approved by the board, such as the Iowa On-Line Learning.  Credit from an on-line or virtual course may be earned only in the following circumstances:

  • The course is not offered at the high school;

  • Although the course is offered at the high school, the student will not be able to take it due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict that would keep the student from meeting graduation requirements;

  • The course will serve as a supplement to extend homebound instruction;

  • The students has been expelled from the regular school setting, but educational services are to be continued; or,

  • The principal, with agreement from the student's teachers and parents, determines the student requires a differentiated or accelerated learning environment.

Students applying for permission to take a virtual course shall complete prerequisites and provide teacher/counselor recommendations to confirm the student possesses the maturity level needed to function effectively in an on-line learning environment.  In addition, the express approval of the principal shall be obtained before a student enrolls in an on-line course. The school must receive an official record of the final grade before credit toward graduation will be recognized.

Provided courses are part of the student’s regular school day coursework and within budgetary parameters, the costs for a virtual course, such as textbooks or school supplies, shall be borne by the parents for students enrolled full-time. 

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations to implement this policy.

Legal Reference:           Iowa Code § 279.8 (2013) 281 I.A.C. 15

 Cross Reference:       605.6   Internet Appropriate Use

                                    501.6   Student Transfers In