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Original Adopted Date: 3-14-83

Last Revised Date: 2-26-96, 7-21-03, 2-26-0

Last Reviewed Date: 7-10-23

Foreign students must meet all district entrance requirements including age, place of residence and immunization. Students who are citizens of a foreign country will be considered residents if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • The student resides with his/her parents(s) or legal guardian;

  • The student is in the United States with appropriate documentation (Form I-20) from the United States Department of Justice-Immigration and Naturalization Services; or

  • The student is a participant in a recognized foreign exchange program and provides the necessary medical history, including proof of

  • Immunization as required by the school district and is physically able to function in classes.

The Mid-Prairie District recognizes that the promotion of friendship and understanding throughout the world through a greater understanding among people and cultures is an appropriate and worthwhile goal.  Most student exchange organizations identify similar goals. The board reserves the right to limit the number of foreign exchange students accepted.  The district shall admit foreign exchange students under the following conditions:

  • The number of foreign exchange students per year shall be limited to no more than three students.  Potential foreign exchange students must be sponsored by organizations adhering to nationally recognized standards for exchange student programs.  The district reserves the right to provide preference to students sponsored by programs with which it has had successful relationships in the past.

  • The high school principal may recommend that a regular diploma be awarded if review of the student’s transcript at the end of the year indicates sufficient credits have been earned.  Participation in the graduation ceremony will be made on an individual basis by the  administration;

  • An individual from the sponsoring organization shall inform the high school principal by August 1 of the organization’s desire to place a foreign exchange student at Mid-Prairie for the coming school year.  By August 1, or as soon after August 1 as possible, information about the specific student shall be submitted to school officials by the sponsoring organization.  If deemed necessary by school officials, prior to the start of school, a meeting shall be held between an individual representing the sponsoring organization, a member of the host family, and the appropriate school district representative(s);

  • School officials, on an individual basis, shall decide if the exchange student’s English language ability is sufficient enough to function in classes.  

  • School officials may deny admission to exchange students deemed not having sufficient English language ability;

  • In order to be admitted to Mid-Prairie, foreign exchange students must reside with a resident host family or a family that open-enrolls their children to Mid-Prairie.

 It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding foreign students including those placed at Mid-Prairie through student exchange programs.


Legal Reference:          Iowa Code § 279.8 (2013).

Cross Reference:         501      Student Attendance

                                    507.1   Student Health and Immunization Certificates