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The Mid-Prairie Board of Directors encourages joint fund-raising activities by the Athletic, Fine Arts and Student Boosters organizations to enhance the curriculum and enrich the educational experiences of its students. To the extent determined by superintendent, the Board of Directors will match, from the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) fund, the funds provided by the booster groups above for the purposes cited above. 

During August of each year, the Board of Directors will determine the total amount of matching funds available for booster group use during the school year.  The total amount will be divided equally between the three booster groups and be available during the school year for appropriate PPEL matching fund expenditures.

All requests for matching funds shall be accompanied by the required forms before any matching fund expenditure by any booster group can be made. Matching fund expenditure requests at or below the superintendent purchasing authorization limit as specified in Board Policy 705.1 may be approved by the superintendent.  Matching fund expenditure requests above the superintendent purchasing authorization limit as specified in Board Policy 705.1 shall need school board approval. 

Funds gained by the booster groups through other grant opportunities will not be eligible for district matching funds.  However, district matching funds may be used for other granting possibilities if the district matching funds are matched by monies directly raised by the booster group for another grant application.  In this instance, district approval is needed prior to the submission of the other grant application.

Designated matching funds allocations may be carried over for up to 3 school years with superintendent annual approval.  Booster groups wishing to carry over matching fund allocations more than 3 years shall only be able to do so with school board approval.  In no instance shall a matching fund allocation be carried over for more than 5 years.  

The superintendent shall be responsible for creating administrative regulations governing the matching fund expenditure process. 




Adopted:          8-24-87

Reviewed:         11-14-94, 2-24-14

Revised:           12-12-94, 3-19-01, 12-8-08, 8-26-19