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Original Adopted Date: 4-24-89

Last Revised Date: 7-10-23

Last Reviewed Date: 7-10-23

The board has sole discretion to approve instructional materials for the school district.  This authority is delegated to licensed employees to determine which instructional materials, other than textbooks, will be utilized by and purchased by the school district.

In reviewing current instructional materials for continued use and in selecting additional instructional materials, licensed employees will consider the current and future needs of the school district as well as the changes and the trends in education and society.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent to report to the board the action taken by licensed employees.

The board will make the final decision about instructional materials after receiving a recommendation from the superintendent.  The superintendent may develop another means for the selection of instructional materials.  Instructional materials are reviewed as needed and at least every 7 years.

Education materials given to the school district must meet the criteria established above.  The gift must be received in compliance with board policy.

The superintendent will establish additional criteria to guide the selection of instructional materials through administrative regulation, ensuring alignment with educational goals and compliance with laws.

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                                    281 I.A.C. 12.3(12).

Cross Reference:    208      Ad Hoc Committees

                                    505      Student Scholastic Achievement

                                    602      Curriculum Development

                                    605      Instructional Materials