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Original Adopted Date: 4-24-89

Last Revised Date: 7-10-23

Last Reviewed Date: 7-10-23

Parents and other members of the school district community may view the instructional materials used by the students.  All instructional materials, including teacher's manuals, films, tapes or other supplementary material which will be used in connection with any survey, analysis, or evaluation as part of any federally funded programs must be available for inspection by parents. 

The instructional materials must be viewed on school district premises.  Copies may be obtained according to board policy. The district will publish on the district website a comprehensive list of all books available to students in libraries operated by the school district.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding the inspection of instructional materials.

 Legal Reference:       Goals 2000:  Educate America Act, Pub. L. No. 103-227, 108 Stat.125                (1994).

                                    Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 280.3, .14; 301 (2013).

 Cross Reference:        602      Curriculum Development

                                    605      Instructional Materials

                                    901.1   Public Examination of School District Records