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Original Adopted Date: 2-8-88

Last Revised Date: 7-10-23

Last Reviewed Date: 7-10-23

The school district will maintain a media center in each building for use by employees and by students during the school day.

Materials for the centers will be acquired according to board policy, "Instructional Materials Selection." The district shall provide access to all parents and guardians of students enrolled in the district an online catalog of all books available to students in the school libraries.  This access will be displayed on the school district’s website.  Any challenges to library materials will be handled following the process for handling challenges to instructional and library materials as established in board policy.  

It is the responsibility of the principal of the building in which the media center is located to oversee the use of materials in the media center.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop procedures for the selection and replacement of both library and instructional materials, for the acceptance of gifts, for the weeding of library and instructional materials, and for the handling of challenges to either library or classroom materials.

 Legal Reference:         Iowa Code §§ 256.7(24); 279.8; 280.14; 301 (2013).

                                    281 I.A.C. 12.3(11), (12).

 Cross Reference:     602      Curriculum Development

                                    605      Instructional Materials