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January 23, 2023

Mid-Prairie Community School District


Central Office Community Room 1636 Hwy 22 East

PO Box 150

Wellman, Ia 52356


Tentative Agenda

1. Opening- 6:15 PM
a. Call to order by President
b. Adopt an Agenda
c. Public Forum
d. Hawk Highlight- Caedyn Huston Mid-Prairie 8th Grade Student
2. Work Session
a. Administration Reports and Board Dialogue
1. Central Office Report
2. High School Report
3. Middle School Report
4. East Elementary Report
5. West Elementary Report
6. HSAP Report
7. Virtual Academy
3. Business Meeting
a. Consent Items
1. Minutes Previous Meeting
2. Finance Report
3. Payment of Bills
4. Open Enrollment Requests
5. Personnel Items
6. Fundraising Requests
b. The Board will Focus on School Finance
1. Set a Public Hearing for the Middle School and East Elementary School Additions and Renovations
2. Set a Public Hearing for High School Track Reconstruction
3. Incentive to Attract New Bus Drivers
4. Hiring of a New Architect
5. 7:15 p.m. Public Hearing for the Flexibility Transfer of HSAP Funds
6. Flexibility Fund Transfer Resolution- Document
c. The Board Will Focus on Student Learning
1. Board Policy 505.5 Graduation Requirement
i. 505.5 Graduation Requirement Policy- Current
ii. 505.5 Graduation Requirements Board Policy- Recommendation
4. Board Development and Inservice Activities
5. Announcements and Suggestions for Next Meeting
6. Board Highlights