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September 12, 2022

Mid-Prairie Community School District


Mid-Prairie Middle School 

Media Center / Library

713 F Avenue 

Kalona, IA 52247


Tentative Agenda


  1. Opening- 6:15 PM

    1. Call to order by President

    2. Adopt an Agenda

    3. Hawk Highlight-(Kaitlyn Dodds)

  1. Business Meeting-6:20

    1. Public Forum

    2. Consent Items

      1. Minutes Previous Meeting

      2. Finance Report

      3. Payment of Bills

      4. Open Enrollment Requests

      5. Personnel Items

      6. Fundraising Requests

    3. The Board Will Focus on Student Learning

      1. Employee-owned therapy dog policy (2nd reading)

        1. 606.9 Employee-Owned Therapy Dog

        2. 606.9E1 Employee-Owned Professional Therapy Dog Handler Ethics

        3. 606.9E2 Employee-Owned Professional Therapy Dog Checklist

      2. Approve students attending FFA National Conference in Indianapolis, In on October 25th-29th. 

      3. Mid-Prairie FFA to do Roadside Cleanup on Sunday, September 25 at 2 pm.

    4. The Board will Focus on School Finance

      1. IASB Annual Conference Registration

      2. Timing on the General Obligation Bonds and setting of priorities.

      3. Bus Bid Results and Recommendations

      4. Set a Public Hearing for the Softball Field Lights Project, October 10, 2022, at 7:15 PM

      5. Bond Disclosure Policy 704.7 and Post Issuance Compliance Regulation for Tax-Exempt Obligations 704.2RI (2nd readings) 

    5. Announcements and Suggestions for Next Meeting

  1. Work Session

    1. Hawk Highlights

      1. Tour Middle School (Gary Dawson-Lead Custodian)

      2. Tour East Elementary School (Michael TeBockhorst- Lead Custodian)

      3. Tour Home School Education Center (Mark Kleese - Lead Custodian)

    2. Board Highlight