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October 10, 2022

Mid-Prairie Community-based School District


Central Office Community Room

1636 Hwy 22 East

PO Box 150

Wellman, Ia 52356 


Tentative Agenda


A.     Opening- 6:15 PM

a.     Call to order by President

b.      Adopt an Agenda

B.     Work Session

a.     Hawk Highlight- National Science Conference Attendees

b.     Board and administration dialogue

i.Facilities Data

ii.Facility Long-term prioritizing

C.      Business Meeting- at the conclusion of the work session

a.     2

b.    Public Forum 7:00 p.m.

c.   Consent Items

i.Minutes Previous Meeting

ii.Finance Report

iii.Payment of Bills

iv.Open Enrollment Requests

v.Personnel Items

vi.Fundraising Requests

D.    The Board Will Focus on Student Learning

a.     Second Reading Graduation Requirements Policy 505.5

b.    Student Appeal

E.     The Board will Focus on School Finance

a.      7:15 p.m. Public Hearing on Softball Lights Specifications

b.     Softball Lights Bid Review

c.     Increase certified sub-pay

d.    Hills Bank Trust Investment Management Accounts Setup

F.     Work Session for Unfinished Section B Items

G.    Announcements and Suggestions for Next Meeting

H.   Board Highlights